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We intend to have listed on this page several water pumps that can be used for irrigation or an off-grid home or cabin, many of these pumps we have experience with using ourselves or installing for others. Also, we now have a video of the home made hydraulic water ram pump we built and tested, please see the video below.

Solar Force Piston Pump on our FarmThe SolarForce Piston Pump - an old style pump that is extremely reliable, partially tolerant of unfiltered water, and very efficient, we powered a 5 gallon per minute unit with just two small solar panels and a couple of batteries. We pumped the water 50 teet up a hill and irrigated our orchard and garden with rainbird type sprinklers. Enough water was provided to power 2 sprinklers, or 3 at times but we felt the water output per sprinkler was not optimum and think the 9 gpm model would have been a better choice. However, now we use drip tape, like we sell in our kits, for most of our irrigation.

The Simple Pump
- This is a great pump that will, in most cases, allow you to continue to use your current household plumbing system in the event of a power outage. It can be powered by hand, a couple of solar panels, a generator, and even a bicycle with some modifications. Learn More Here:

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A Home Made Hydraulic Water Ram Pump - (Please watch the Video Below)

Solar Slow Pump - (Very Efficient - this information is coming soon!)

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